The week in hate and idiocy

It has been a busy week in the news. Here is my response to many things that have been said and done:

  • To anyone Asian, I apologize for the dickheads at ESPN for their racist “Chink in the Armor” headline about basketball star Jeremy Lin.
  • To anyone black, I apologize for the ‘stay away from the crack pipe’ comment on Fox News about Representative Maxine Waters.
  • To women, I apologize for the Republican party, the Mormon Church and the Vatican for thinking that you are not mature enough to make your own choices about birth control.
  • To anyone gay or lesbian, I apologize for the continued attack by Republicans, “Christians”, Mormons and Catholics for their constant demonization and their funneling of money into anti-gay causes.
  • To Latinos, I apologize for the racist, “hard on illegals” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who threatened his secret gay lover with deportation, because the sheriff thought that he was illegal (Latino = illegal in some parts of Arizona)
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